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Yoga Loft News and thoughts from Chris, from  2020 and beyond


Who could forget 2020?

By now, there is no question that 2020 will be a year to remember.  Below are some links that I have shared over the past several months.   They contain interesting information pertaining to yoga that holds up.

Check out this video animation:

pelvis sacrum motion

Don't Get Stuck in Old Beliefs

Is the Paradigm of Yoga changing? Should it?

An article on Nitric Oxide and Nasal Breathing

An article on "Pandiculation." 

3/13/20  (I saved this message for historical records.  8 days later the studio was completely shut down.)

Response to the Corona Virus 

My classes will be held as usual, unless I have the slightest sensation of coming down with an illness.  If I need to cancel I will do my best to post that information here on this Web site and also on the Facebook page, "The Yoga Loft in Scappoose Oregon."  I will do that by 8:00 a.m. on the mornings I offer classes: Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday.  If no cancellation is posted, then you may assume that class will be held.  If Gary Domby decides to cancel his Thursday evening class I will post that as well by 4:00 p.m. that day.

Likewise, I ask you to do the same.  Do not come to the Yoga Loft with even the slightest chill, cough or scratchy throat, or any of the other symptoms that I'm sure you have read about by now.  Even if you feel certain that you just have a common cold, stay home out of respect for others.  Nobody wants your cold either.

Do come with clean hands and if you're worried about contamination from our props, then bring your own.  Aside from the mildly scented wipes we usually keep on hand for cleaning props, there will be stronger disinfectant wipes available.  There has been a large bottle of hand sanitizer on the sign-in desk in the office for years and it has barely been used.  Help yourself to it as often as you like.

My yoga teachers from the Hatha Yoga Center in Seattle, have advised their older students to stay home because of the higher risk of complications associated with the virus.  Ha!  The majority of us "YogaLofters" are older. Please, let's not feed anymore fear into our mistaken beliefs about the inevitability of everything getting worse with age.  However, if you have a known history of compromised immune system function or poor lung health, then take that into consideration.  As practitioners of yoga we aim to develop wisdom and strengthen our inner senses of what is appropriate.

Recently someone asked about making an audio recording of my classes on their phone.   Feel free to do that any time.  I would appreciate being informed before you push "record" so that I could adjust my cueing to make sense when the recording is replayed and visual cues are not available.  That way you could have access to a class if the pandemic forces the studio to close down at a later date.

Fear and ignorance are turning into panic.  This particular virus does not cause diarrhea, so why are so many people hoarding toilet paper? Have you ever seen a photograph of a town demolished by a tornado?... but then there is one house left standing, untouched, in the midst of the devastation.  Even though some projections say up to 70% of the population will be infected, do not assume that you will not be part of the possible 30% spared.

At the beginning of my yoga classes, I invite you to join me in a chant that requests help from the invisible world, the forces of protection and nurturing and life force.  This chant asks that we be guided by light on our journeys, along a path of purpose.  And we ask that the ego does not interfere with our receiving this help, from whatever source you believe in.  Ego may be thought of as the viewer who is convinced that all there is, is what we perceive with our 5 physical senses.

I have some mentors who sent out a message yesterday, that reminds us not to look at the external world as "the only thing there is."   The underlying structure of what we perceive as reality is Cosmic Consciousness, through which all things are connected.  If we forget this Truth, we become blind to "all the sources of help that can come from the invisible world,"  transformations that take place at the energetic level.

I hope that one of the developing aspects of your yoga practice is the awakening of your five "inner senses" which metaphorically correspond to the physical senses.   They can either warn us or lead us when we have a gut feeling about something.  You can tell when something doesn't sound right, smells fishy, leaves a sour taste in your mouth, or looks suspicious, so to speak.  These inner senses can inform us when we are in alignment with the natural flow of Nature as well.

I'm not what you would call a 'good patient,' especially when I have to take care of myself.  I whine and cry and complain.  So I intend to stay as healthy as I can.  In the meantime, I'm looking forward to the oncoming Spring.  Flowers are blossoming already.  Even though it snowed for awhile this morning, the days are warming and daylight hours increasing.   Don't forget to enjoy the delights of the season, one day at a time.


March 13, 2020

A Lotta Nerve

The Vagus Nerve is in the news again.  Read this about Sound Therapy:



January 26, 2020


Facing the Fear Beneath the Anger


It was an awakening moment when I read, many years ago, that beneath the emotion of anger, one can always trace the feeling back to an underlying fear.  Fear is the primary feeling.  Most of our emotions, if not all, stem from desire or fear.  Wanting and avoiding  are on opposite ends of our emotional magnetic pole.  Do we find ourselves drawn toward something we desire, or repelled by something we fear?  This seems basic to all our feelings.  I hope this is not an over-simplification, but it is certainly a starting point to self-inquiry. 


In the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, self-study is called “Svadhyaya,” which literally means ‘one’s own reading.’  This is meant to be practiced on and off the mat.  And since we know how inseparable our feelings are from the status of our bodies, down to the cellular level, we would be remiss to ignore the impact of our feelings and how we translate them into thoughts and then into beliefs that live in the psyche and govern our behavior and our health.


To take this to a practical note, I was mentioning in class yesterday how the condition of our hamstring muscles is related to the mind.  In a recent web video, it was mentioned that it has been discovered that a person with normally very tight hamstrings while conscious, can have very flexible hamstrings while under anesthesia.  The presence of the conscious mind seems to make the difference.  Another fascinating example of mind-body connection is that a person with multiple personality disorder can have a disease as serious as diabetes when under the control of one personality but is otherwise healthy and disease-free when another personality takes control of the body. You can read more amazing examples of this phenomenon here:                                           



Just as our minds have methods of processing our experiences and emotions, our bodies' organs also are affected in the processing.  In Chinese medicine, the liver is associated with anger, the kidneys with fear;  the large intestines with control and letting go;  the small intestines with sorting things out, deciding what to assimilate and what to pass through ~ to name a few.  Below is a chart I borrowed from the Web that displays the further complexities of the emotional body:


No one knows our feelings better than we ourselves.  This practice of self-study is incumbent upon us to practice, if we are interested in saving ourselves from slavery to the mind.  Today I have assembled some questions that can be asked in meditation to guide us through the process of exposing the fear beneath the anger.


Am I angry because…



  • I fear that I am the cause of a problem and it would be easier to blame it on something or someone else? 
    • Does accepting responsibility for being the source of a problem cause me to lose self-esteem?
    • Am I unable to cope with feelings of guilt?
    • Am I unable to cope with feelings of inferiority?
    • Do I believe that guilt and inferiority are permanent conditions?
    • Have I been taught that some people are better than others and I fear being  less than anyone else?
    • Do I fear I can’t cope with the overwhelming feeling of having made a mistake?
    • If I blame myself does that bring up memories of being blamed by someone else, possibly for something I didn’t do?
    • Do I fear being caught for lying about something?
    • If I tell the truth, do I fear I will be shamed or viewed as inferior?
    • Do I fear I can never be forgiven? 
    • Am I unable to forgive myself?


  • I fear that the difficulty over which I am angry has harmed me in some way, physically or mentally?  


      • Do I fear that I am incapable of coping with that injury? 
      • Do I fear that I have sustained permanent damage?
      • Do I believe it is impossible to heal the hurt feelings and/or damaged self-esteem?
      • Do I fear that I am unable to move forward with my plans or dreams?
      • Do I fear that I am being punished for something I can’t even identify?
      • Do I fear loss of control over my life?
      • Do I fear there is no hope for me?
      • Do I fear there is no help for me?



  • I fear that the difficulty over which I am angry has harmed someone I love, physically or mentally?
    • Do I fear that I am responsible for the person I love?
    • Do I fear I am unable to undo the damage toward the person I love.
    • Do I fear that I am at fault in some way?
    • Does my fear stem from the belief that life is unfair and cruel?
    • Do I fear I have failed in some way?
    • Do I fear I have a basic flaw in my character?




  • I have been blamed for something I didn’t do and I fear I am unable to prove otherwise?  Or, I have been judged poorly for something I did do and cannot defend myself?
    • Do I fear not being loved or trusted?
    • Do I fear the way others perceive me?
    • Do I base my own self-esteem on what others say about me or what I assume they think about me?




Starting this line of inquiry can be like opening the proverbial “can of worms!”  So begin with an ounce of courage and honesty.   But a word of caution:  If you intend to delve deeply and have serious concerns, gut feelings, about your ability to face your inner truth, consider asking a friend or even a counselor to assist you in the process.   It’s like deep cleaning your house.  You don’t expect to do every room in one day and might need a helper to carry out the trash.


On a lighter note, the inquiry can begin in a yoga class, right on the mat, even in a group setting.  How do you react in body and/or mind to the imposed challenge and stress of certain poses?  Are you self-judging?  Are you comparing yourself to others?  Are you struggling to maintain a certain self-image or to project an image to others?  And why would your mind go there in the first place?  Are you afraid of feeling “less than” and striving to be “better than?”  These we would call “ego emotions” and do not serve our well-being.  We can say a firm “no, no, no” to such thoughts and turn attention back to the breath.  Each of us is unique and whole in our own way.  We do not have anything to accomplish or any superior way to become.  The present moment is our richest.


                                                                                  ~Chris Eisenschmidt, E-RYT 200

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