An Introduction to the Art of Feng Shui

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a three hour workshop with

 Christine Eisenschmidt, Feng Shui Consultant


This workshop will show that, just as the  Yoga practices of asana and pranayama stimulate the healthy flow of energy through the body, the Art of Feng Shui can help you to stimulate the healthy flow of energy through various aspects of your life. 

  • First you will inquire within to recognize the aspects of your life where energy flow could be improved. 
  • You will be shown some of the basic principles and tools that are applied in the practice of Feng Shui, such as the BaGua, and the Five Element Theory.
  • Then you will look to your house (and possibly office space) to see how the energies are flowing in the corresponding areas. 



If you'd like to be notified when a class is being planned,

email Chris

It could be a fun activity to do with a friend.

The class will be held at the Yoga Loft

Cost:  TBA


You will need to bring with you a floor plan or roughly-to-scale sketch of your house and possibly a specific room that you would like to observe from a feng shui perspective.  All other materials will be provided.

To read more about Feng Shui and Chris click here. 


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