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Jackie Borman

I grew up in remote Alaska and attended college in Anchorage, obtaining my Civil Engineering degree then traveling around the US managing roadway construction.

After engineering opportunities led me to Reno, NV, I began taking some yoga classes and quickly realized my passion for the practice. Many years into developing my physical and spiritual practice, I knew that I wanted to pursue my desire to dive into the educational and instructional academia of yoga.

Recently, I relocated to the Portland area and knew the time was right to do formal teacher training. After extensive research and collaboration with some of my most respected instructors and mentors, I very selectively choose a rigorous training program that promised to take me on a journey of self-discovery and education into all things yoga. Not only did the program meet my demanding expectations, it far exceeded it.

I’m grateful to continue my practice and to expand my knowledge and experience. It’s extremely exciting to have the training, mentorship, and ability to share this in a local community, in the rooms where it always brings us home
to our hearts, souls, and well-being.